The preschool years are educationally the most important years of children’s lives. Research demonstrates that in the first three years of life, participating in a lively language-rich environment with plenty of adult interaction and attention are vital to building foundation skills. From ages three to five, the stimulation should start to include some activities focused on building specific skills in language, math and fine muscle control. These are the primary areas where an online preschool program can contribute to children’s development.

Useful Kindergarten Readiness Information for Parents

Time4Learning surveyed the standards and views on these school readiness skills and found that there was a striking lack of useful information for parents on what cognitive skills should be mastered prior to kindergarten. While we found that there are vast amounts of materials available, the materials were either too detailed to be accessible to parents or too general to provide useful guidance. So, we created this guide to provide a simple summary of what skills parents should cover with educational toys, activities, and interactive materials. Plus, to bring the lessons to life, this guide includes examples of how these lessons are actually taught, making it easy for all of us to absorb. Grab the kids and enjoy!

Kindergarten Readiness Guide

This Guide to School Readiness, with language arts and math demos, is meant to summarize the skills that parents should ensure their preschool children are mastering. Most importantly, the interactive lessons in this guide demonstrate how these skills can easily be taught in a game-like format.

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