An Online Interactive Preschool Program for Schools

The Time4Preschool curriculum provides developmentally appropriate learning activities, educational games and extension ideas that stimulate young learners.

Balancing computer and offline experiences to help children strengthen important reading and math skills at home. Time4Preschool offers a comprehensive, fun program by which to start a child’s educational experience.

Usually, around three or four years of age, preschoolers can readily spend up to a half an hour per day on the computer. Children like the independence and stimulation of interacting with Time4Preschool’s online games. While it is important to have a range of activities, learning from preschool software can start as soon as children can effectively handle a mouse.

Preschoolers will easily navigate from theme to theme and lesson to lesson, finding the activities that interest them.

With themes ranging from Alphabet and Numbers to At The Library and Your Self,  preschoolers will enjoy exploring and learning with Time4Preschool.